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How to fix our government

and deliver power to the people

* Presidents who take office without winning the popular vote. *

* Voting districts drawn by politicians for their own benefit. *

* Millions of citizens – young, old, poor, people of color, women – blocked from voting. *

* Money money money wielding more influence than the wishes of ordinary Americans. *


We think we live in a democracy.

One person, one vote.

But how democratic is our government really?


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    The Big One

    A mega-earthquake in the Pacific Northwest is a certainty. ​This gripping book covers what scientists are doing to prepare -- and how you can prepare, too.

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    Mario and the Hole in the Sky

    The true story of Mario Molina,

    the Mexican-American chemist who brought the world back from the brink of environmental catastrophe. 

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    A Search for the Northern Lights

    Join a parent and child as they hunt for the auroras – and marvel at many other wonders of nature. Includes a complete guide to spotting the northern lights.

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    Gidget the Surfing Dog

    Meet Gidget, a small but mighty pug who overcame a life-threatening

    illness to become a world-champion surfing dog. Wave guide inside!

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    Glacier on the Move

    Follow a glacier named Flo on her slow-motion race to the sea and learn all about the fascinating life of glaciers.

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    Elizabeth Rusch

    Elizabeth Rusch is the award-winning author of more than 20  books, which have received multiple starred reviews

    from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Horn Book, Booklist, School Library Journal, and the BCCB, among others. Her work has won the Golden Kite Award, the Subaru Prize, the Cook Prize, the Green Earth Award, and the Oregon Book Award, and has landed on many notable and best of the year lists produced by ALA, NCTE, NSTA, Bank Street College of Education, Kirkus, SLJ, NBC News and the New York and Chicago Public Libraries.


    Rusch also the author of more than a hundred articles in publications such as The New York Times, Smithsonian,

    Harper's, Backpacker, American Craft, Mother Jones, and Portland Monthly, among many others. 

    She has a bachelors in economics from Duke University, a masters in public policy from the University of California,

    Berkeley, and has served as a Jacob K. Javits Fellow in the U.S. Senate. She visits schools across the country and

    speaks widely on the  topics of writing, teen activism, science heroes, and the state of our democracy.


    She lives in Portland, Oregon.



School Visits

Elizabeth Rusch offers lively, interactive presentations for students grade K-12. Writing workshops, too.

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About Democracy

TED-type talks explore the troubling truths about our democracy and how we can fix them 


About Writing

Gripping nonfiction. Book proposals. Magazine queries. Graphic Novels.

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