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Gidget the Surfing Dog

Catching Waves with a Small but Mighty Pug

Meet Gidget, a small but mighty pug who overcame a life-threatening illness to become a world-champion surfing dog. Her story is told with beautiful, eye-catching photography that features adorable canines on and in the water.

This is the inspiring true story of Gidget, a world-champion surfing pug, who grew from a hyperactive handful of a pup to a poised and impressive surfer whose efforts are devoted to charity.

As she and her owner Alecia find their way through challenges including a life-threatening illness, Gidget’s story becomes not only about a dog learning to surf and compete in dog surfing competitions but also about making the most of the life you are given and giving back to your community.

Gidget the Surfing Dog is filled with fun and informative science sidebars that help kids understand how waves are formed, how to identify different types of waves, and other aspects of the science of surfing. The book also covers the problem of trash in the ocean–an issue that Gidget and Alecia work together to address.

Little Bigfoot

April 2020

"The book's vibe is energetic and peppy, just like its protagonist"
— Kirkus
“Charming…dynamic…exciting. Readers can’t go
wrong with the sheer kid-appeal of a surfing pug.”
— School Library Journal
"I really loved Gidget the Surfing Dog because it is based on a true story and about a dog. I loved that all the illustrations were real photographs so I could see what Gidget really looks like and what a surfing dog looks like. I liked that there were also facts in the book. I learned about the different types of waves and how waves are made. I would recommend Gidget the Surfing Dog to kids who like dogs, have their own pet dogs, and who like to learn about real-life stories."
— Avery, age 9,

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