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Author Elizabeth Rusch offers preK-12 schools wonderful auditorium presentations and writing workshops. PLUS she can help your school reinforce other curriculum areas through hands-on science workshops, art projects, community service discussions and more. By tailoring presentations and workshops to meet the needs and interests of your students and teachers, Liz brings your school insights and excitement about both the writing process – and about the many subjects she loves.

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Elizabeth Rusch’s
School Visit Philosophy

“You never know what will spark a student’s interest and feed the flame of learning. For me, all subjects are connected: writing, reading, science, art, music, math, social studies. By presenting myself as a writer with wide ranging passions – for astronomy, volcanology, art, music, history, and community service – I hope to inspire not only budding writers but also budding scientists, artists, activists…”

A lively auditorium slide-show on Elizabeth Rusch’s life as a writer, where she gets ideas, how she researches and develops her books and articles, her writing and revision process, and some funny and scary adventures she’s had a long the way.

A power-point slide show on Research for Writing: The art and science of finding and interviewing experts.

A lively performance by Elizabeth Rusch who, while dressed in 18th century court attire, tells the true story of Maria Anna Mozart through words, images, and family letters.


A dramatic musical and literary performance of the Music of Life featuring 25 classical music excerpts.

Classroom writing workshops on: From Senses To Setting; Interviewing for Writing; Writing a Scene

Hands-on science workshops on volcanology and the solar system including: Floating Rocks;  Build A Bulge; Make Three Kinds of Craters; What is Wrong with This Model,

 The Real Distances Between Planets; Design a Rover; Soda Straw Rocket


An interactive presentation to inspire students to community service.

An interactive discussion for students, teachers, and/or parents to kick off a schoolwide commitment to community service.


The list is only a beginning!
Be sure to contact Liz at to discuss other options!

A Few of Liz's Workshops and Presentations

Please email Liz for more information at

Rave Reviews for Elizabeth Rusch's School Visits

“It takes a special person to do school visits well. And Elizabeth Rusch is just excellent at it!”
– Thea Parker, Author visit coordinator, Winterhaven magnet school

“Getting to meet Liz and spend time with her was almost as much fun as watching her work and enthrall the kids with her enthusiasm for writing. They had no idea that being a writer could be so exciting! Liz came to Newport's schools bringing her enthusiasm, experience as a working writer, and wonderful stories that illustrate the lively research techniques she uses. She left students eager to get back to the classroom to identify resources that might lead them to such cool people and experiences; teachers nodding and smiling and scribbling notes while ideas for lessons poured out; writers inspired to seek new ways of informing their work – and one librarian satisfied in the knowledge that many had been enriched by Rusch's visit. Highly recommended as a school/library presenter.”
– Rebecca Cohen, Supervising Librarian, Circulation/Youth Services, Newport Public Library

“We very much enjoyed Elizabeth Rusch’s presentations. She did a wonderful job, and I heard lots of positive comments from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders and their teachers. Everyone learned a lot, even the teachers. Since Liz’s visit, we have even more students who want to become authors!”
– Lisa Abramovic, Writing teacher, Winterhaven

“Liz Rusch offers an inspiring look at the creation of non-fiction for kids. Throughout her presentation, and within her writing, she encourages curiosity and initiative. She is very well-organized and reads the needs of the kids to whom she is presenting. She was a pleasure to work with!”
– Heidi Slater, Librarian and Visiting Author Coordinator, Portland Jewish Academy

“Your visit was lots of fun! We enjoyed hearing about your life as a writer and exploring all the science activities you suggested. Your ideas and presence added so much!”
– Karen Boyer, Coordinator, Young Authors Program, Grand Mound Elementary

“We really enjoyed your visit! The mix of writing tips and science knowledge was great. Several teachers mentioned that you followed up on concepts or ideas that were presented in class. Hearing these ideas from a “real” writer was truly meaningful for our students.”
– Kathy Fleener, Director, French American International School

“Elizabeth’s Rusch’s talk was an inspiration to my students and to me. I’ve been reading about the importance of adding more non-fiction to my classroom library, and she provided just the jump start I need. I’ll be incorporating some of Elizabeth’s approaches, such as “ask an expert” and go with what interests you.”
– 5th grade teacher, Portland Jewish Academy


"We had an audience ranging from kindergarteners to 5th grade, and Liz managed to keep each and every one of them engaged. She makes it easy – no, compelling – for kids to want to learn more about the fascinating world we live in.”
– Mary Andonian, Edward Byrom Elementary School

“When I was listening to your presentation it was like you

were telling a story!”

– Julia

Students Say:

“My favorite part was when you talked about Mount St. Helen’s and when you went there when it was active.”

– Sadie

“The slides were awesome!”

– Aya

"Thank you for telling your stories. It was a real adventure for me."

- Sophia

“What I found interesting was that you interviewed all those people for your books.”

– Sam