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As an award-winning freelance writer and former managing editor of Teacher magazine, editor-in-chief of, and contributing editor to Child and Fit Pregnancy, Elizabeth Rusch has published more than 100 articles in numerous national magazines for adults and children. She's traveled to the oil fields of southern California to report on townspeople who rebelled against computer use in their school. She has interviewed national experts on tons of topics, from the childhood asthma epidemic to how understanding microclimates can help you choose a campsite. She even wore the same pair of hiking socks for 10 days straight, without washing, for a gear review for Backpacker magazine. These days, Liz is focusing on narrative nonfiction, politics, science, art, and travel, humor, and essays.

Writing Samples


Review of Karen Blumenthal's

Jane Against the World.


Does Wolfgang Mozart's

older sister deserve some credit for his genius?

Mother Jones

Biking While Black: Teenagers sue the Eastpointe police department for racial profiling.

American Craft

The genesis of artist

Jo Hamiliton’s stunning crocheted portraits.

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