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NSTA Outstanding Science Tradebook
CCBC Best Book of Year
Junior Library Guild selection
Oregon Spirit Award winner

"First-rate...highly recommended" SLJ starred review


The Cascadia Earthquakes and the Science of Saving Lives

America's Pacific Northwest seems like an idyllic place to live—with its endless forests and beaches, dazzling waterfalls, and glacier-capped volcanic peaks. The region seems safe, too, with mild weather and relatively few earthquakes. But just a couple of decades ago, scientists discovered a geological feature running along the coast that in other parts of the world regularly triggers massive earthquakes – 8.0 magnitude and higher. Has the Pacific Northwest been rocked by such devastating shaking in the past—and could it happen again?

In The Big One, award-winning author Elizabeth Rusch follows scientists as they dig into marsh and lake soils, ocean sediments, landslide debris, ghost forests, and ancient records to find out. What the scientist discover is startling: A megaearthquake—one bigger than ever seen near the famous San Andreas fault—is a certainty. And seven million people live squarely in the danger zone.

This gripping book covers what scientists are doing to prepare -- and how you can prepare, too.

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