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Thought you knew all about volcanoes? Think again!

Most people believe volcanoes—WHAM! POW! KA-BOOM!—destroy everything around them. But volcanoes can be creative, too. They grow new mountains. They create land where there was none before. They even sprout islands.

Dramatic, eye-opening stories of the eight volcanoes in this book bring to life an amazing part of volcanology that has been overlooked in the media and in children's books—how volcanoes grow and shape the landscape. In Mexico, a volcano emerges in a field before a farmer's eyes. In Tonga, underwater volcanoes make new islands. In our backyard and across the globe, volcanoes that blow their tops grow them right back again.

Illustrations by Susan Swan

Publisher: Charlesbridge

Year Published: August 1, 2013

ISBN-10: 1580894097
ISBN-13: 978-1580894098

~ Oregon Spirit Award winner ~

~ NSTA Outstanding Science Tradebook ~

~ Bank Street College of Education Best Book of the Year, 2014 ~

~ CCBC Choice 2014 ~

~ Towner Award nominee (Washington State's children's choice award) ~

~ Junior Library Guild selection ~

~ Children’s Book of the Month Club selection ~


“Gorgeous,” KIRKUS

A clever and appealing introduction to a remarkable natural phenomenon.

“Magnificent,” THE HORN BOOK


"An eye-popping riot of action, sound, color and information," BOOKLIST

In Rusch’s third book on volcanoes, she is joined by Swan, and the two have created an eye-popping riot of action, sound, color, and information to convey the energy and impact of volcanoes. 

“Vibrant and stunning,” SHELF-EMPLOYED
 A particularly helpful aspect of the book is its duality as a read-aloud for younger children and a more detailed text for independent readers. In white or black text against double-spread illustrations, large text is aimed at a read-aloud audience, while smaller text delves deeper....the colorfully inventive collage art of Susan Swan is perfectly suited to the text, helping to define the concept of creative eruptions in an art form created by manipulating found objects, hand-painted papers and scans of objects and textures in Adobe Photoshop to create new patterns, adding digital paintings; and then collaging the two together. The effect is vibrant and stunning.

"A lava-full celebration of vulcanology.SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

“The perfect mix of fact and gorgeous illustrations,” IN THE KNOW MOM
Volcano Rising by Elizabeth Rusch is my (and my daughter’s) favorite book right now....Volcano Rising is the perfect mix of facts and gorgeous illustrations from Susan Swan. The dynamic duo achieve what they set out to do — produce a book kids will both learn from and enjoy. I learned a lot myself about historical volcanic eruptions (creative ones)....My daughter is looking at volcanoes in a whole new way, more of an awe than a fea.

Looking for information on volcanoes? Wanting to learn more about the science and scientists behind volcano eruption predictions? Elizabeth Rusch has the books for you!



“Fabulous…A rare informational text that can be shared with several grade levels…Find this book and add it to your science collection.”


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