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Become a volcano detective at Mount St. Helens

Will Mount St. Helen BLOW? When? Will it erupt ash? Spit lava? Unleash a deadly mudflow? These are the mysteries that scientists at Mount St. Helens must solve. Now you can be volcano detective, sifting through evidence like rumbling earthquakes, smelly gases, strange bulges on the Earth's surface, and more!

Read all about the wily suspect! Search for clues!


Solve real-life cases! Check out cool Gadgets & Gizmos!


Try amazing Volcano Detective activities!

Illustrations by K. E. Lewis

Publisher: Little Bigfoot; 1st Paperback Edition edition

Year Published: April 17, 2007

ISBN-10: 1570615098
ISBN-13: 978-1570615092

~ Outstanding Science Picturebook ~
~ Natural History magazine Best Book for Young Readers ~
~ PNBA Book Award finalist ~
~ Oregon Book Award ~
~ Washington Reads Pick ~



“Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Read this fabulous book! Will It Blow? enlists readers in the ‘Department of Volcanic Investigation’ and sends them off to infiltrate the scientific mysteries of Mount St. Helens. Along the way they’ll be debriefed by experts and have a chance to sharpen their sleuthing skills as they learn how to decode the clues that could help predict the next eruption of one of North America’s most active volcano. Double-oh-fun for aspiring volcano detectives of any age.” — Heather Vogel Frederick, author of the popular Spy Mice series


Will it Blow? captures the excitement and urgency of vulcanology and the hands-on challenges of the science. Rusch doesn't gloss over the uncertainty and confusion geologists face as they try to figure out what's going on miles below the surface and what it might mean to people who live near a volcano. Let's hope it inspires a new generation of geologists to learn more about what makes volcanoes tick and how to better predict when the ticking bomb is about to go off.” — Sandi Doughton, science reporter

“What do M&Ms, gophers and soda straws have in common? They’re all clever analogies author Elizabeth Rusch uses to explain the inner-workings of nature’s smokestacks. What an enjoyable and informative book! Even after covering volcanoes for many years, I learned something.” — Andre Stepankowsky, the Longview Daily News, winner of a Pulitzer for coverage of Mount St. Helens’ 1980 eruption


“Elizabeth Rusch's humor-spiced Will It Blow? takes youngsters on a geologic adventure that both entertains and informs. Though aimed at younger readers, adults also will delight in learning more about volcanoes and the scientists who study them in this witty, engaging book.” — Richard Hill, science writer for the Oregonian

“Part comic book, part scrapbook, part puzzle book, Will It Blow? is so much fun that kids won’t even realize how much they’re learning. This book should be legally required for all kids studying geology.”
-- Kristin Hostetter, Gear Editor

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