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Glacier on the Move

Glaciers exist on every continent on earth, growing, spreading, and shrinking over thousands of years. But what are they, and how are they formed? 

Glacier on the Move tells the story of a glacier named Flo and her slow-motion race to the sea, from the edge of an ice field and down steep cliffs, to muscling her way around mountains, and stretching into a valley. With running commentary from some clever ice-worms, Flo reveals how glaciers grow, shrink and move, shaping the world around them.

Blending fascinating science facts with dynamic illustrations, Glacier on the Move introduces young readers to glacial history and science in a captivating and fresh way.

West Margin Press

August 27, 2019

ISBN-10: 1513262300

ISBN-13: 978-1513262307


“Flo, whose voice is sociable and chirpy, is the perfect vehicle to inform readers about the hows and whys of glacial formation and movement in an accessible, often amusing way. The book's ingenuity doesn't stop there. Inhabiting the margins of the pages, as it would inhabit the interior of a glacier, the flat black silhouette of a knowledgeable ice worm gives succinct, clear facts about glaciers….Thoroughly engaging and filled with intriguing facts.”

— Kirkus: Top anticipated picturebook Fall 2019! 

"The illustrations are absolutely charming; they project movement well and are surprisingly colorful for a subject that is mostly ice...An adorable addition to any library's picture book or science/STEM collection"

— School Library Journal

"Blending fascinating facts with dynamic illustrations, Glacier on the Move is a wonderfully and entertainingly explanatory introduction for young readers ages 6-9 to glacial history and science....unreservedly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library collections."

— Children's Bookwatch

“I never would have guessed that a glacier could take a starring role

in a picture book, but this one pulls it off as slick as ice.“

— The Children's Book Podcast

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