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~ A Smithsonian Magazine Notable ~
~ IRA Children's Book Award Finalist ~
~ Oregonian Junior Book Club Selection ~
~ Children's Bookwatch Reviewer's Choice ~
~ Oregon Book Award Finalist ~



Young ideas for a better world 

Read the inspiring true stories of more than 15 young activists who overcome daunting obstacles to work for a more perfect world. These ordinary kids have done extraordinary things: They have collected more than 5,000 boxes of cereal for food pantries, recycled 30,000 gallons of oil, raised a quarter of a million dollars to buy school supplies for needy kids, invented a sensor to better control acid rain, and marched with picket signs to stop violence. One even rode a lawnmower across the country to raise awareness of organ donation. Generation Fix includes resources for kids who want to make the world better and a place for them to write down their own solutions to world problems.

Generation Fix is for parents who want their children to take charge of their world, teachers who want to help students tackle our most pressing problems –and most importantly kids who see themselves as a true force for good.

Publisher: Beyond Words Publishing

Year Published: June 2002

ISBN-10: 1582700672
ISBN-13: 978-1582700670


"A skilled journalist whose respect for young people shines through, Elizabeth Rusch tells remarkable stories of children who accomplish extraordinary things to make this a better world. [Generation Fix] is essential reading for children who know almost instinctively what their communities need — and for parents and teachers who want to support young people's natural inclination to make a difference in the lives of others."
— Senator Edward M. Kennedy


“Rusch [has] made a demographic discovery: Generation Fix. Next in line after baby boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y, Generation Fix, now 8-16 years old, is growing up before our eyes. While kids have always had an immense capacity for innovative thinking, today's younger kids are engaged in the world in a way no other generation has been, already volunteering for community service at higher rates than their predecessors even before September 11…the book is packed with great ideas…” — Karen Olson


"Read this book and you will never underestimate the power of the next generation, which Rusch rightly calls Generation Fix." —  Ronald Wolk


"Rusch proves, in a clever and approachable way, that today's kids are finding creative solutions to problems that have stumped generations. Start small, dream big, save the world -- what better lesson to learn from our children?" —  Eric Elkins


“[A]n impressive anthology of true-life stories…Generation Fix is very highly recommended for readers of all ages…” — Reviewer's Choice Pick


“This book is filled with tales of hard work, sacrifice, and excellent ideas…pictures of these exceptional kids, creative headlines about what they have done, and quotes from them, their friends, and family add voice and personality to the writing.” —  Kristen Woodruff


“[A]n inspirational and practical guide for youth interested in serving their communities…Public libraries that serve communities in which volunteerism is a requirement for graduation should consider adding this book to their collections.” — Jennifer Hubert


"Upbeat snapshots of students of all ages who make a difference in their communities. Maybe these young people are not changing the world, but they are changing their world, and that's a significant story for our times." —  Christopher Broderick


"At last — a book about teens that will motivate people of all ages to improve our world. This should be required reading for anyone working with young people." —  Suzanne Barchers,

"Nothing beats the feeling of doing the right thing, and the kids in this book tell you how possible that is."
— Pam Abrams, Scholastic Inc.


"This isn't just another book about do-gooders. This is about kids who saw problems...and solved them. Prepare to be inspired!" —  Betsy Kohn

"A fantastic resource for teachers who care about the planet and want to invite kids to have a voice in how the world works and to write for real reasons. I can't wait to show it to my students." —  Nancie Atwell, middle-school teacher and author of In the Middle

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